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It’s hard to believe that Monopoly has been around for nearly 80 years already. We’re willing to put money on the fact that you played this game at some point throughout your childhood. What you might not know is that several different companies, including IGT, Barcrest, BTG, and WMS, have all attempted to make their own Monopoly-themed casino slot machines, with features like cascading reels, money wheels, board bonuses, progressive jackpots, and, most recently, MegawaysTM in the shape of Monopoly MegawaysTM. In this review, we’ll take a look at all of the Monopoly-themed slot machines available online. The ride is about to get exciting, so hold on to your hats, and yes, you do win £200 if you get the green light.

Online Monopoly: Some Irreverent Facts

There are presently over 15 different Monopoly Casino Slots, and that number is only expected to rise.


Multiple versions, each with unique content, have been developed by companies like WMS, IGT, BGT, Barcrest, and Gamesys.

The return-to-player percentage for any of the Monopoly slots games is between 94% and 99%.

The Numbers Behind Monopoly’s Virtual Slot Machines.

There are so many Monopoly Slots games out there that it can be difficult to tell them apart and place them in the overall timeline of the series. Don’t worry though, because we’ve done the heavy lifting for you and provided a handy table with all the details you need to know about each individual Monopoly Casino Slot.


Name of Program and Date of ReleaseRTP (%) Minimal Stakes (in GBP)Maximum Award in British PoundsLines Feature Volatility

The Great Monopoly FantasyFor example, IGT’s 2013 94.5–96 0.20 250K 20 Cascading Reels Low/Med Monopoly PlusSuper Monopoly Money (IGT, 2014) 9496710.30250K30Bonus GameN/AWMS (9597035750000) (2015) 95,000, 35,000 Bonus Wheel 75,000 Monopoly Rising RichesAssumptuous (2015)95.9% 0.25 25 Low-Monopoly Raining Reels Residence in ParadiseAssumptuous (2015)20 Medium-Speed Steady Spinners (96.2)

The Great Monopoly EventHere and Now: Barcrest’s 9699 0.30250,00020BigBet MedMonopolyWMS (2016) 96.01 0.50 100 Colossal Reels High Monopoly City Spins IGT (2016) 95.76 0.20 20 Board Bonus Game Epic MonopolyCompetitive (2017)Rolling Rider Medium (95.70.25)

Control of the CurrencyThe Big Bet Med Monopoly by Barcrest, 2017: 949775, 0.10125000. Shake the Foundations2017 Barcrest 94.1-98.1 0.20 250K 40 Big Bet Medium/High Monopoly Once Around Deluxe 2017 WMS 99.95-97.1 0.15 15 Game in Game and Pick A Bonus Low/Medium Monopoly Mega MoversIn 2018, WMS’s Big Money Reel Medium Monopoly Extra Bet was rated 96.05/100K-30.WMS (2018) 95.95 0.40 50,000 20,000 Dollars Medium Monopoly Mega Jackpots ReelWMS (2019) Progressive Jackpots Med Monopoly Grand Hotel Slot IGT (2019) 95.1 (2018: 95.1) 0.0595.42 0.25 200K 50 4 Constant PayoutsMedium

Monopoly BTG Megaways (2019)96.50 0.10 250K 17,649 ways 96.23 0.10 500.000 Megaways High Monopoly Live Evolution Gaming (2019)Low-Stakes Money Wheel Game

Now that you have an overview of the betting options, payouts, and special features available throughout the many Monopoly Slots, it’s time to dive in and check out some of the best games available.


1 The Most Played and Well-Liked Monopoly Slot Machine

WMS’s Once Around Deluxe version of Monopoly offers a return to player percentage of 95.95–97%.

There are currently 18 different Monopoly Online Slots, but Monopoly Once Around Deluxe is by far the most played. It was originally a slot machine found in land-based casinos, but is now playable on mobile devices and desktop computers. WMS’s creation combines a nod to the past with current features like Wilds, Scatters, and the Once Around Deluxe Feature, a board game bonus in which you roll the dice, place side bets to build houses, and double your profits. There are also 5 reels and 15 paylines.

You may leave your mark on the Monopoly board with wagers ranging from 15 pence to 75 pounds in Monopoly Once Around Deluxe; yes, there is a bonus for passing go; and yes, you can go to jail and acquire Community Chests and Chances as you play! We and players alike appreciate Monopoly Once Around Deluxe because it faithfully recreates the classic board game while adding tons of new features.



Largest Potential Payout Monopoly Machine

Big Time Gambling on the Monopoly Megaways. RTP: 96.5%

The combination of BTG’s signature style with the visually stunning cascading reels of the MegawaysTM technology and the classic board game Monopoly was certain to be an exciting one. One of the most cutting-edge additions to the series, Monopoly Megaways features 6 reels and 117,649 ways to win. The betting range of £0.10–£20.00 makes this slot suitable for players of various budgets, while the slot’s reels reveal Win Reactions (in which Mr. Monopoly advances around the board) and limitless Win Multipliers, in addition to Free Spins, promising players lots of opportunities to win big.


Jackpot Slot Machine: Monopoly, No. 3

WMS (Fixed) Monopoly Grand Hotel. RTP 95.42%.

In 2019, WMS’s Monopoly Grand Hotel Jackpot Slot was yet another success. This variant of Monopoly features 5 reels, 3 rows, 50 paylines, 4 fixed jackpots, and a maximum prize of £50,000 on a single spin of the base game.

Monopoly Grand Hotel is one of only two Monopoly Online Slots with a jackpot (the other, Monopoly Mega Jackpots, is progressive and is discussed below as it is also the cheapest to spin) and it appeals to Video Slots fans thanks to its Scatters, Wilds, and Free Spins as well as its jackpots (the largest of which is the Grand Jackpot, offering up to £200,000)!



The Lowest-Priced Monopoly Slot Machine

IGT presents Monopoly Mega Jackpots (Progressive). Return to Player of 95.1%, Spin for Just 5p!

Monopoly Mega Jackpots, although being the least expensive slot to play, offers the chance for the largest possible monetary prize due to its status as a Progressive Jackpot Slot. Monopoly Mega Jackpots features 53 reels and 9 paylines, making it attractive to players who prefer classic slots.

IGT has linked and networked this variety with their other popular slot machines, Cluedo and Cleopatra, to guarantee a substantial Jackpot award that is known to regularly exceed $3,000,000. And all it takes to win is a line of five Mega Jackpots symbols, with no additional wagering requirements or extra features necessary.



Superior Return on Investment Free Slots – Monopoly Online

Barcrest’s Monopoly: The Big Event. RTP: 96-99%

Monopoly Big Event offers a sky-high (and variable) RTP of 96.99% (basic game – Big Bet Spins), making it the best place to start spinning if you’re seeking for the highest RTP rewards. This slot machine contains a 53 reel set and 20 paylines, as well as Big Bet Spins, Wilds, and Free Games with multipliers on the cash prizes. During Free Spins, the maximum payoff is £250,000, and bets range from 20p to £500.

Big Bet Spins are a feature that allow you to stake an additional bet (between £20 and £50; each step up in bets increases the bonus features) in order to receive 5 spins with some truly incredible action-packed features, such as Multiplier Bonuses, Persisting Wilds, and the Big Event Bonus.



Why Not Play Live Monopoly?

Live Monopoly is a product of Evolution Gaming, a testament to the ubiquity of the Monopoly casino game.

Evolution Gaming’s Monopoly Live. RTP: 96.23% Evolution | MONOPOLY Live!


No collection of Monopoly games would be complete without including Monopoly Live, even if it isn’t strictly a Slot game. Consists of two parts: the 3D AR game board and the money wheel (which substitutes for dice).


A money wheel and a real-life host kick off the action. Players are transported to the augmented reality Monopoly boards, which feature progressive jackpots, in-game features, bonuses, and tons of action depending on the section of the wheel they land on, awarding them with moves, chances, extra rolls, or no rolls, respectively.


You should play the casino version of Monopoly known as Monopoly Live, which has received multiple honors including EGR’s Game of the Year in 2019 and Gaming Intelligence’s Game of the Year in 2020.


Visuals, Sound, and Gameplay in Online Monopoly

The great thing about the many Monopoly Slots is that they all put their own unique spin on the same basic idea. Each game is visually and philosophically unique and remarkable, so you’ll have a great time trying out different games until you find one or more that you love.


Symbols and Bonuses in Slot Games

Since Monopoly is a trademarked concept, recognizable icons like Mr. Monopoly, the Dog, Car, Boat, and Hat can be found in many variations of the game. The classic game elements of Go to Jail, Chance, and Community Chest are interpreted in new and interesting ways in each game.


There’s something for every kind of player in the Monopoly range of Casino Slots, with epic base game features like big payouts, wilds, scatters, and multipliers, and loads of bonus features like buying better spins, colossal, cascading, raining, and money reels, Progressive Jackpots, and board game bonuses.


Slot Machine Questions & Answers for Monopoly

The number of available Monopoly slots.

You can see that at least one new Monopoly Slot has been introduced every year since 2013 by looking at the games table up top. Currently, there are 18+ Monopoly Slots, but this number is growing.


Which online slot version of Monopoly is the best?

The answer to this question depends on your preferred game mode and the bonuses you seek. Once Around Deluxe is the most played Monopoly slot machine. Nonetheless, you can examine the paylines, bonus functions, and maximum payouts of each Monopoly game in the aforementioned table.


Do you offer free Monopoly Slots play?

Yes! The slots at most online casinos can be played for free in a “demo” mode, where players can win fake prizes or “virtual” money. Find a new casino with the help of CasinoTop10 if the one you’re using doesn’t offer demo play or doesn’t have the Monopoly Slot game you want to play.


When playing Monopoly, which slot machine has the biggest jackpot?

There are two jackpot-paying Monopoly slots:

Monopoly Grand Hotel by WMS has four guaranteed prize pools.

IGT’s Monopoly: The Big Game has a life-changing progressive jackpot.


How big of a jackpot is there in online Monopoly?

Each individual Monopoly Online Slot has its own maximum payout. The maximum payouts for each Monopoly slot machine are provided in the games table at the beginning of this article, along with other important data. Stay with Monopoly Grand Hotel or Monopoly Mega Jackpots if you want to hit it big and become a millionaire.


Our Opinion: Slot Machine Monopoly

You may relive your childhood with a healthy dose of nostalgia while playing one of the many high-quality Monopoly Slots available today. And there’s something truly special about trying out various casino adaptations of the same game and seeing how they stack up against one another. So, why are you stalling? Get started playing Monopoly online immediately by signing up with a site recommended by CasinoTop10.






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